Why Bananas!

For many years, bananas and cycling have had a very close connection. Bananas are high in fibre and an excellent choice of snack when out cycling. Why is the banana such a great choice when you are on a ride?

There are a wide range of health benefits of eating bananas. Firstly they have very high levels of potassium and fibre which is perfect when on the move because they provide a steady release of energy to fuel your muscles. They also have relatively high levels of natural sugars which can give an instant boost to your tired body when you need it. Pair this with the fact that bananas are an easy snack to carry and can be thrown away where the skin will biodegrade; they make for the perfect natural snack on a long bike.

My favourite fact linking bananas and cycling is that you can temporarily fix a puncture using a banana. To use this obscure trick you have to insert the banana peel in between the inner tube and the tyre and then pump the tyre to a low pressure just to get you home. As bizarre as this trick sounds, I have tried it and can confirm it actually works!