Insurance – Are You Covered?

It’s a fact, accidents do happen.  Cyclists are not required by law to have insurance because ‘push’ bikes are not motor-powered vehicles (the rules are slightly different for e-bikes), however that doesn’t mean that cyclists are immune from liability in the event of an accident..

A quick search online will show that if a liability is found against a cyclist, then without adequate insurance, the cyclist themselves would be liable. That exposes anyone cycling on public roads without adequate cover to potentially ruinous claims, such as in this well publicised case (2019).

It’s a common mis-conception that household insurance provides cover for cyclists, however this may not always cover the potential third-party liability. If the unfortunate does happens and you are to blame, it’s good to know that you have some peace-of-mind with personal liability insurance specifically designed for cyclists, such as that offered by British Cycling.

Cover is also included in the various British Cycling Membership options, providing tailored cover for a range of requirements, from regular commuting to racing.